Duke of Edinburgh

Important dates:

Target completion date of Bronze Awards: Fri 4th October

Completion of eDofE (personal accounts held online: https://www.edofe.org)

Each section description should be as detailed as possible and submitted for approval. You must have at least 3 pieces of evidence per section.

Evidence: You should have an Assessor report, a personal comment on your experience, and at least 1 photo or, 1 overall personal comment and one detailed experience.

Assessor reports: Slips to give to your assessor can be found on ‘prepwork’.

Expedition Section: Fully complete the section details with aims and journey times then add photos, comment on your experience and try to upload your presentation.

Qualifying: Fintry Hills/Carron Valley Details:

Journeying                                          Exploring

Day 1: 5 hours                                   1 hour

Day 2: 4.5 hours                                1.5 hours

Aim: To explore the impact of Wind Turbines and do a survey of the leaves/trees on the expedition route.

Objective: To successfully complete the expedition using navigation skills, team work and communication.

S4 Expedition Presentations: Thurs 18th September

Presentations should be in PowerPoint and include:


Photographs or videos

Expedition food

Challenges/low points

Highlights/best bits

Wind turbines- For or against?

What have you learned from your experience?

Tips for future Bronze participants