RMPS courses are designed to give the pupils a wide understanding of what makes people tick. The courses encourage pupils to look at the customs and beliefs of people around them. It offers opportunities to consider their own attitudes towards others and their own moral values.

Broad General Education (S1 to S3)

Pupils are introduced to the cultural features of various traditions - religious and humanist. They are encouraged not only to develop their knowledge and understanding, but also to evaluate what they study. This personal search continues with reflection on their own values and beliefs about life after death, prejudice and racism.

Senior Phase

In S4, National 4/5 Religious Studies is a popular course studying Issues of Belief, Issues of Morality and two world religious groups. Fourth Year are offered the 'World of Values' unit, studying the use of drugs and the issues of abortion and euthanasia.

The Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies course offers a dynamic way of developing skills for College/University.