Remits 2023 / 24

  • Scott Pennock (HT)

    Scott Pennock (HT)

    Strategic Planning
    Raising Attainment / Achievement
    Community Liaison
    Local Authority Liaison
    Scottish Government Liaison
    Parent Teacher Network
    Whole School Self-Evaluation
    School Calendar
    School Policies
    School Publications
    (Standards & Quality Report and School Brochure)
    School Improvement Plan
    Extended Leadership PRD
    Resource / Finance
    Management ~ Liaison with Business Manager
    Teaching Commitment

    Senior Leadership Team - DHTs / Business Manager

  • Julie Christie (DHT)

    Julie Christie (DHT)

    S1 & S2
    (Pastoral Role as Head of Years)
    Pupil Support Overview S1-6
    Enrolments & Placements
    Requests (plus whole school ESOL / Learning Support)
    Primary Liaison & P7 Transition
    ASL Act
    Child Protection
    Personnel & Absence
    Management (PSLs)
    SLA Strategic Deployment
    Partner Agencies
    Teaching Commitments

    Celebrating Success

    PSLs - S1-6 GIRFEC / Learning Support / FSB / Hub Link

  • Daniel Snedden (DHT)

    Daniel Snedden (DHT)

    S3 & S4
    (Pastoral Role as Head of Years)
    Enrolments & Placing Requests
    Totality of Whole School Curriculum ~ CfE (incl. HWB, LIT, NUM, DYM, OH)
    Senior Phase Options (S3 into S4)
    Personnel & Absence
    Management (link faculties)
    Learning, Teaching & Assessment (inc. SMHW)
    Probationers & Students
    PRD & CLPL
    Quality Assurance

    Whole School Achievement
    Teaching Commitment

    SQA and Prelims / HWB & SOS

    Faculties - Citizenship / Creative Industries / Social Subjects / Curriculum (Partnerships / DYW)

  • Innes MacLeod (DHT)

    Innes MacLeod (DHT)

    S5 & S6
    (Pastoral Role as Head of Years)
    Enrolments & Placing Requests School Timetable
    Tracking, Monitoring & Intervention
    Senior Phase Options (S4/5 into S5/6)
    Transitions 16+ & Positive Destinations
    Wallace Hub
    Personnel & Absence
    Management (link faculties)
    Parents' Evenings
    Trips / Excursions
    Teaching Commitment

    Faculties - English & Comm / Numeracy & Tech / Science/

  • Paul Ramsay (Business Manager)

    Paul Ramsay (Business Manager)

    Resource and Finance
    Management of Information Systems
    Whole School ICT - infrastructure strategy / key liaison with HT on Digital Strategy
    Glow Co-ordinator
    Human Resource / Personnel Management
    School Website
    Health and Safety
    School Office Liaison
    Data Sharing System
    Absence Management (Support Staff)
    Management of Support Staff
    Cover Arrangements
    PPP Contractual Duties
    Management of School Fund
    PRD - Support Staff

    Support staff - LRC / Technicians / Office Staff / Pool Attendant

  • Links and Websites

    Links and Websites

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