Geography is for life. It is lifelong, life sustaining and life enhancing. It is a branch of the Social Sciences which tries to explain the diversity of landscapes, climate and vegetation in the world and man's relationships with these different environments.

Geography courses at Wallace High School are built around these relationships.

First and Second Year pupils are involved in studying topics such as Scotland and the Home Area, Empty Lands, Earth Forces, Japan and Kenya.

Third and Fourth Year Standard Grade deals with the physical and human environment and international issues.

Third and Fourth Year Intermediate 1 Travel and Tourism includes Holiday Planning, Holiday Destinations and Holiday Issues.

Higher Geography is involved with a series of core physical and human topics and their application in real life situations.

Fifth and Sixth Year pupils can also opt for Intermediate Geography where a series of units covering UK, European and Worldwide topics is studied.

Advanced Higher is available for pupils who have a pass at Higher. Here 3 units are studied: Geographical Methods and Techniques, the Geographical Study and Geographical Issues.