The Basics

School of Dance is open to both boys and girls in S1 to S3. Sessions are delivered by qualified dance teachers.

Number of Periods

Students are withdrawn from 3 curricular classes a week. A mandatory supported study session is in place for all School of Dance students to catch up on work missed. This takes place during lunchtimes and is supervised by Mrs Steel and Miss Semple.


Students are expected to wear leotard, tights and black jazz shoes.

The Course

Technique in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz; Choreography; fitness and mental rehersal.

Entry Process

Students interested in being part of the School of Dance must take part in a trial. A baseline level of skilled performance is required but selection also takes into account additional factors. Selection is undertaken by Mrs Steel, Miss Semple and qualified dance teachers.

What we expect

School of Dance students are expected to display exemplary conduct across the school, maintain high levels of achievement, attend supported study and play for the school Dance Team.