School Uniform

We would like to clarify our school uniform expectations for all pupils for the coming year. We are very proud of our uniform as it represents a visible commitment to the values of our school. We appreciate your support with this on a daily basis.

To download document, please click on the image below:

School Uniform Expectations 2023 1



Uniform Expectations

The following uniform must be worn by ALL pupils as it represents our core uniform:

  • School Shirt (white or black but must button appropriately for a tie)
  • Black Trousers (not jeans) or skirt
  • School Tie
  • Blazer
  • Black/dark school shoes
  • Official WHS PE kit - black t-shirt and shorts / bottoms from Logoxpres
  • Appropriate School Bag

The following may be worn:

  • Plain black school jumper or cardigan (school style so that tie is visible)

Not Allowed

The following items are not allowed in school. We very much appreciate your support in ensuring that young people do not wear these:

  • All hooded tops and labelled jumpers etc must be removed in the school building
  • 'Converse style' canvas traininers or coloured sports trainers are not appropriate footwear for school and we would ask that pupils do not wear these
  • Baseball caps and other hats should be taken off in the school building
  • Blue denim and tracksuit tops and bottoms are not allowed - these are not appropriate for school

Parental Support

The items above do not represent changes to our uniform expectations. As the photo indicates, the vast majority of
our pupils do currently wear our uniform with pride. These are, however, important clarifications as we move forward as a school. School uniform standards matter so much as they are a key measure of visible commitment to school values
and they also support high standards and genuine democracy - our uniform, as described, is affordable for all and does not put pupils under pressure to wear labels or expensive trainers etc. 

It is our firm belief that pupils who look smart and dress with high standards will think smart and have higher  expectations. This is only achievable with parental support and so we thank you in advance for buying into our shared values here.

Thanks to all parents/carers for your continued support!