Home Economics

Home Economics (HE) in the Broad General Education (ie S1 to S3) makes an invaluable contribution to a young person's holistic education.  Alongside engaging practical cooking experiences that encourage a diverse and healthy diet, the HE Team develop pupils' knowledge of food technology, health & safety and broader lifeskills regarding budgeting for food, etc.  This develops into the Senior Phase (ie S4 - S6) where pupils study hospitality and continue with valuable health & wellbeing inputs,  including cooking for life beyond school. 

For each year group there is a small annual nominal charge (detailed below) that accounts for the fact that young people take home their cooking and provided with packaging, thus home economics has a high disposable budget cost to meet.  This charge is standard across all secondary schools and contributes to the quality of the young person's experience.


Year Group Amount per School Year
S1 & S2 £15
S3 £20
S4 £30
S5 & S6 £40