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Head Teacher

Mr Scott Pennock

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Gary Cordiner (DHT - S1&S2)

Mrs Donna Harris (DHT - S3&S4)

Mr Innes MacLeod (DHT – S5&6)

Mr Paul Ramsay (Business Manager)

Extended Leadership Team

Ochil House

Head Teacher (Interim) - Mrs Elaine Murray (0.5fte)

Principal Teacher - Mrs Linda Donaldson

Mainstream Key Link - Mr Gary Cordiner (DHT)

Pupil Support Leaders

S1 - Mr Brian Kerr

S2 - Ms Kitt Curwen

S3 - Mr Graeme Campbell

S4 - Miss Melanie Dunsmore

S5 - Mrs Jennifer Chumley (Learning Support)

S6 - Miss Julie Christie

Flexible Support - Mr Austin Cavanagh

Faculty Leaders

Citizenship (Modern Languages/RMPS) - Mr David Niven

Communication (English/Gaelic) - Mrs Julie Pirie

Creative Industries (Art & Design/Design & Engineering/Music) - Mrs Adele McAdam (Maternity Leave)/Ms Sharon Glass (Acting)

Health and Wellbeing and School of Sport (Home Economics/Physical Education) - Mr Colin Burke

School of Sport - Miss Rachel Whillans (Acting)

Numeracy and Technology (Business Eduction/ICT/Mathematics) - Mr Mark Tennant (Acting)

Social Subjects (Geography/History/Modern Studies/Politics) - Mrs Sarah Bellingham

Science (Chemistry/Physics/Science - BGE) - Mr Scott Bryce

Principal Teacher Biology - Mrs Katherine Yeomans

Partnerships and Flexible Curriculum - Mrs Laura Sinclair


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