Physics gives learners an insight into the underlying nature of our world and its place in the universe.  From the sources of the power we use, to the exploration of space, it covers a range of applications of the relationships that have been discovered through experiment and calculation, including those used in modern technology.  An experimental and investigative approach is used to develop knowledge and understanding of physics concepts. 

Through learning in Physics, learners develop their interest in and understanding of the world.  They engage in a wide range of investigative tasks, which allows them to develop important skills to become creative, inventive and enterprising, in a world where the skills and knowledge developed by physics are needed across all sectors of society. 

Physics courses should encourage resourcefulness, which leads to becoming a confident individual. 

Successful learners in physics think creatively, analyse and solve problems. Physics can produce responsible citizens, through studying the impact it makes on their lives, on the environment, and on society.

From BGE to Senior Phase, our students will study areas such as:

Dynamics and Space, Waves and Radiation, Electricity and Energy.

We will study cutting-edge modern day Physics concepts such as Big Bang Theory, The Expanding Universe and The Standard Model.  More classical Physics is also learned such as Forces, Motion and Newton's Laws.