Our design and engineering courses provide useful life skills to pupils through interesting, challenging and engaging experiences that enrich their education. D&E also wish to provide real contexts that will positively influence their destinations beyond school.

S1 – S3 Broad General Education

S1 pupils will follow an integrated course focussing on design challenges set around both product and graphic scenarios. Pupils will become familiar with analysing a problem and through a solution focussed approach will gain experience with sketching, drawing, model making and craft skills. Throughout the course pupils are encouraged to be innovative, showing creativity and enhance their presentation skills across all areas of the course. Pupils are encouraged to work both independently and also within a design team to reach solutions to each design challenge.

Moving into S2, pupils will continue to build a deeper knowledge of solving design challenges and will gain further experience of working with a range of materials and processes. Pupils will be introduced to a selection of Graphic software that will include Industry standard versions of 3D CAD Modelling and Desktop Publishing packages.

In S3 pupils will receive rigorous specialist subject input to prepare them for National courses undertaken in S4. Pupils will continue to build on prior knowledge with a focus on Product Evaluation and personalised design projects involving Preliminary, Production and Promotional graphics.

Design & Manufacture

Available at National 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Pupils studying Design & Manufacture will focus on design challenges where creativity and innovation is encouraged. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills in conceptual thinking, 3D visualisation, prototyping, materials and manufacturing processes, developing solutions from initial concepts to finished products, evaluating existing products.

The course provides a broad practical introduction to design, materials and manufacturing processes. It combines elements of creativity and designing for aesthetic or visual impact with a requirement to consider a product's function and performance. Learners will have to consider the various factors that impact on a product's design. This will include the life cycle of a product from its inception through design, manufacture and use, disposal or re-use.

Who is it for?

You are: Creative, Inquisitive, Versatile.

You enjoy: Researching, Sketching, Evaluating, Idea Generation, Modelling.

Graphic Communication

Available at National 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

Pupils studying Graphic Communication will focus on design activities which are set around a Technical, Engineering or Desktop Publishing theme. The course provides opportunities for learners to gain skills in reading, interpreting, and creating graphic communications.

Learners will initiate, develop and communicate ideas graphically. They will develop spatial awareness and visual literacy through graphic experiences. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills in creative graphic layouts, planning promotional items with visual impact, constructing 2D & 3D Models, illustration and presentation techniques.

Who is it for?

You are: Creative, Motivated, Accurate.

You enjoy: Drawing & Sketching, Illustration, SD Cad Modelling.