Modern Languages

The Faculty fully embrace the 2 + 1 languages agenda, with students studying French and Spanish from S1 to S3.

The Broad General Education gives pupils a good grounding in listening, reading and writing the foreign language and in speaking. Pupils are encouraged to communicate as much as possible in the foreign language and should be able to converse about themselves, their hobbies, food and drink, their home town, homes and families.

Two further points:
(1) the study of a foreign language helps us to a better understanding of our own mother tongue and
(2) a knowledge of the foreign country, its people and its customs is an integral part of language teaching.

Conscientious learning at home is an essential part of the course. Homework includes regular learning of vocabulary and grammar.

Fourth Year pupils can choose to continue with French and/or Spanish. Both languages are studied to Advanced Higher Level by the end of S6.