Modern Studies

In the Modern Studies Department we believe that all pupils should have understanding of the world around them. Some of our aims with younger pupils are to make them aware of inequalities and stereotypes along with a basic understanding of Scottish and UK politics. There is an emphasis in Modern Studies on being able to understand and use statistics to help support pupils decision making abilities.

The First and Second Year mixed ability course offers pupils an introduction to the social, political and international sections of the Modern Studies curriculum. This begins with topics on Discrimination and Human Rights in S1 and moves onto UK parliament and China in S2. Pupils in S3 experience a Social Subjects course which builds upon the basic skills comparing and contrasting, decision making and investigating. These skills are taught within the context of Terrorism, a course which looks at events which changed the world such as 9/11, London Bombings, the origins of terrorism and the effect terrorism has on how we live today.

The Modern Studies National courses cover a broad range of topics, from Political, Social and International issues. The three units are Democracy in Scotland, Crime and Law and World Powers: USA

The department currently teaches National Qualifications courses to senior pupils. Pupils who go on to study Higher History will study 4 units. Decision Making in Central Government and Electoral Systems, Voting and Political Attitudes are two of the political issues that pupils can study. They also study South Africa as their International Issue. In these topics pupils are encouraged to use facts and up to date examples to write essays for Paper 1. Pupils also study Wealth and Health Inequalities in the UK and again, using up to date examples and background knowledge will complete a source based Paper 2 called the Decision Making Exercise.