Scottish School Of Sport

In November 2012 we proudly launched as the Scottish School of Sport.

School of Sport is our unique model of five ‘Schools of Sport’ enables us to develop potential talent and support students in Football, Rugby, Swimming, Dance and Basketball.

The flagship programme requires young people to be released from regular curricular classes to develop both their physical and social abilities through their chosen sport. Students in the School of Sport must attend additional supported study sessions. School of Leadership: We run a Leadership programme in the senior school with over 60 pupils linking with our local clubs in the area to create strong pathways.

School of Excellence: We cater for those pupils who are performing at the highest level in their chosen activity. We adopt reduced timetable and flexible hours to support these young people to gain the best coaching available and the rest time required for successful performance.

Pupils and parents agree on a learning model which encourages additional supported study for their curricular subjects in school, with this work being supported at home. This model affords the opportunity for the young person to work with qualified sports coaches within school.