Our Curriculum

At Wallace High School we have fully embraced Curriculum for Excellence with a diverse, personalised Broad General Education (S1-3) followed by a rich, challenging Senior Phase (S4-6).

The information on the following pages summarises our curriculum as learners move through each stage but we would welcome contact from any parent who wishes to discuss further the personal options available to their child. Fuller descriptors on all elements of the curriculum and Faculty subject areas are available under the ‘Curriculum’ tab on our website, as is our detailed Curriculum Guide for Parents.

The Broad General Education (S1-3)

Following on from our primary transition work, students study across the full range of curricular areas in S1-3 (detailed period allocations are provided on the following page) before they make key choices regarding National Examination subjects for S4. There is a progressive challenge and rigorous formative and summative assessment as they move through S1-2 and into S3, with increased subject specialist input as they prepare for the Nationals. Pupils can expect to develop core skills and depth of knowledge that is increasingly taught in real contexts and with an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and transferrable skills. Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and Developing the Young Workforce remain key over-arching areas and pupils will all achieve a National level in Literacy and Numeracy by the end of S4.

The Senior Phase (S4-6)

S4 remains the first stage where students will sit key SQA examinations and attempt to achieve core qualifications. Students will have the opportunity to gain certification in up to 7 Nationals (largely from levels 3-5), with all qualifications up to National 4 internally assessed and all qualifications at National 5 including a final examination. Pupils will have a full choice on what they study, with English and Mathematics compulsory, plus five additional subjects. This allows for continued breadth or real focus (for example, on Numeracy, Science and Technology subjects). In S5 and S6 pupils will progress onto the next level of National study or onto Higher and Advanced Higher courses that have been specially revised in light of Curriculum for Excellence. Students can study up to five subjects per year, with increased vocational and college options to support transition beyond school. 

Our 'Curriculum Guide for Parents' is available below:

Wallace High Curriculum Guide for Parents 201819 REVISED JANUARY 2018 1