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The introduction of the new National Qualifications has generated a wide range of materials to support pupils and teachers. Many of these texts are now in use in the school. The following list is not intended as an endorsement of individual texts, but as a guide for parents. This is not a definitive list. Some subject areas are not yet in a position to commit to specificic texts. When further decisions are made, the list will be updated.

Subject Title Publisher
ART How to Pass National 5 Art & Design Hodder Gibson

How to Pass National 5 English

National 5: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

Hodder Gibson

Hodder Gibson


National 4&5 History Course Notes

National History Success Guide

How to Pass National History

National 5 History Practice Papers for SQA Exams

Bright Red Study Guide: National History

Leckie & Leckie

Leckie & Leckie

Hodder Gibson


Bright Red


National 4/5 Modern Studies Course Notes

National Modern Studies Success Guide

How to Pass National 5 Modern Studies

SQA Specimen Paper 2013 National 5

Modern Studies and Model Papers

Leckie & Leckie


Leckie & Leckie

Hodder Gibson

Hodder Gibson


National 5 Teejay Intermediate 2/Credit books 1&2

National 5 Mathematics

National 5 Mathematics Practice Papers


Leckie & Leckie

Leckie & Leckie

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT National 5 Course Notes Leckie & Leckie
COMPUTER SCIENCE National 5 Computing Science Success Guides Leckie & Leckie


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