Support for Learning (SfL)

Wallace High School has a well-established SfL department that is committed to delivering excellent services to learners and staff across the school.

Our staff:

Mrs Chumley (Principal Teacher)

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Burnett

Miss Obre

Mrs Kupke

Mr Lees

Our services:

In the classroom:

-         We deliver English and Maths to targeted young people to develop skills in a supported environment.

-         We deliver an enhanced S1 provision for a targeted group of learners

-         We run a variety of extraction groups to help learners develop skills

-         We support learners with English as an additional language (EAL), and we deliver ESOL qualifications in the Senior Phase

-         We have a team of dedicated SLAs who provide in-class support

-         We support subject staff via team teaching

Across the school:

-         We are key teachers with pastoral responsibility for specific pupils with learning needs

-         We work in close co-operation with subject staff and offer consultation and training

-         We collate and share structured information such as learning profiles

-         We work closely with the Pupil Support team regarding support for learning

-         We provide learning packs and direct tuition

-         We advise pupils, parents/carers on strategies that support learning

-         We are available for consultation at parents’ evenings

-         We conduct diagnostic assessments to identify learning barriers and design programmes of intervention

-         We organise additional assessment arrangements

Beyond the school:

-         We coordinate involvement of partner agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists or Educational Psychologists

-         We facilitate the transition from primary to secondary school, including enhanced transition for vulnerable pupils

-         We support young people with additional support needs in their transition to positive post-school destinations